Money Matters

Money Matters

Money Matters




Primary (5-11) Middle (12-14), Secondary (15-18)


Social Studies

Global Goals:

1: No Poverty; 4: Quality Education; 5: Gender Equality; 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth; 12: Responsible  Consumption & Production


September 2023 – May 2024   


Natasha Belozorovich

Project Description:

Money Matters is an ongoing project where students are able to get into conversation about money, learn some facts about history of money and about money in other countries, discuss students pocket money and proverbs about money, develop critical thinking skills, make media products about money. Students are invited to tell about the history of money in their own countries, to take pictures of money and describe them, to write what is represented on their coins and banknotes. Students will discuss their pocket money and search and explain the meaning of the proverbs about money and illustrate the proverbs. Students search interesting facts about money and share with their partners and they are able to get into conversation about earning money.

Project Categories


Creative/Language Arts

Social Sciences