The Earth Stewardship Project

The Earth Stewardship Project

The Earth Stewardship Project




Middle (12-14)


Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, World Language

Global Goals:

2: Zero Hunger; 7: Affordable & Clean Energy; 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities; 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; 13: Action; 14: Life Below Water; 15: Life on Land


September 2023 – May 2024


Greg Reiva

Project Description:

The Earth Stewardship Project is a hands-on and project-based science educational initiative helping to foster the ability to be successful as citizens within a dynamic and progressive 21st century community of people. Students, collaborating in The Earth Stewardship Project, will investigate the impact that climate change has on local ecosystems and work to develop solutions to environmental problems by utilizing the means of scientific investigation to experiment, gather information and conduct research. The project will be administered in 4-sequential stages with each stage building and contributing toward a final product.

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Project Categories


Creative/Language Arts

Social Sciences