Water is Life: Team Green International




Primary (5-11), Middle (12-14), Secondary (15-18)


Social Studies

Global Goals:

6: Clean Water and Sanitation; 14: Life Below Water


September 2023 – July 2024   


Bob Carter, Greg Reiva, iEARN France, Rob King, Virginia King

Project Description:

The iEARN Water is Life project will bring students into active research and action-oriented collaboration concerning water as the vital essence of life.Taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 14 as their inspiration and their focus, students will work within their school and with schools across the globe to study, research and share as they develop an understanding of the Goals and cooperatively develop ideas and strategies to play their part in the meeting of the Goals. Students will be encouraged and supported in the development of their learning, their cooperation with their classmates and students in schools around the globe and in turning their research into ideas they can take to the community: local, national and global.The primary goal of the Water is Life Project is the development, implementation and reporting on a Community Action Plan Team Green International is a student-led organization that advocates making the world a better place by raising awareness and trying to solve environmental issues. We believe that everyone can make a difference by doing their part to care for our Earth.

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Project Categories


Creative/Language Arts

Social Sciences

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