Girl Rising


English, Spanish


Middle (12-14), Secondary (15-18)


Social Studies

Global Goals:

4: Quality Education, 5: Gender Equality


April 2022 – December 2024   


Ed Gragert, Mari Sekine

Project Description:

Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. Students get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who confront tremendous challenges and overcome nearly impossible odds to achieve their dreams and obtain a quality education.

1) Participants are encouraged to watch ‘Girl Rising’ and, then have their students share their reflections after watching it by posting to this Girl Rising Discussion Area on iEARN.
2) Students can also read the book ‘I am Malala’ and ‘Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time’ and discuss their personal struggles to receive an education.
3) As part of their discussions with other classes, students are encouraged to share ideas about what they can do to ensure that all girls and boys in the world have the right to quality education. Discussion questions and suggestions for action steps are in the ‘Resources’ section of this project.

NOTE – Through a partnership with Global Campaign for Education – US, members of iEARN can contact the project facilitators to receive a copy of the movie DVD for free -either by postal mail or via this Dropbox folder.

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