iEARN International

Collaborate as Part of Our International Group of Educators and Classrooms

All international decision-making in iEARN is carried out by an Assembly, consisting of iEARN Center Coordinators, each with one vote. Any county can apply to be on the Assembly, which meets throughout the year and face-to-face once a year. The biannual iEARN Teachers’ Conference and Youth Summit is held in different countries every other year.

In addition to the following country listing, the Youth Facilitation group of iEARN is also part of iEARN’s decision making Assembly. The Youth Facilitation Group can be reached in the facilitator panel of the Youth Forum.

Three Levels of Representation 


Countries/Groups who have applied and been approved by the iEARN International Assembly as a Center and therefore are a voting member of the iEARN International Assembly.


Representatives who have applied and been approved by the iEARN International Assembly, recognizing them to represent iEARN in their country.

Contact Person

Countries in which there is no official representation, but which have schools actively involved in iEARN project work and who have a person or persons who have expressed an interest in helping others in their country become involved.

Keeping You Connected

Every attempt is made to ensure that this list is up-to-date and includes currently active iEARN Coordinators, Representatives, or Contact Persons in each country. Information published in this iEARN Project Book is current as of September 2023. Country coordinators can also be contacted via

Please contact us if your country is not listed here. You are invited to contact the iEARN-Executive Council (EC) to learn more about becoming an iEARN Contact for your country.

iEARN International Executive Council: The Executive Council (EC) consists of three persons from three different iEARN Centers, who are elected for a term of two years. In order to ensure prompt and effective action by iEARN, its Members confer on the Executive Council primary responsibility for the day-to-day decisions on behalf of the Assembly, in accordance with the Constitution of iEARN.

iEARN Executive Council Members

Natalia Cherednichenko,


Stefanie Ortiz-Cidlik,

United States

Anwar Abdulbaki,