Get Started

How to Get Started

Becoming a member to have access to our projects and network of classrooms is easy! Just follow the steps below, or contact us for more information.

1. Become a Member

Membership provides teachers and students access to a global network of educators and an extensive menu of K-12 projects through iEARN’s safe and password protected Collaboration Centre.

2. Join a Project

iEARN offers three ways to engage in our projects:

Ongoing projects:

Join any time throughout the year and determine the length of participation.

Short-term projects:

Choose a project with a stated start and end date.

Learning Circles:

Join a cohort of 6-8 teachers and their classes in a dedicated space in the Collaboration Centre. These groups remain together over a 5-16 week period working on projects drawn from the curriculum of each of the classrooms and organized around a selected theme.

3. Find Classroom Partners

iEARN offers three easy ways to find educator and classroom partners in the iEARN Network:

1. Post in the Teachers’ Group
2. Post in the Discussion of the project you’ve joined
3. Join one of iEARN’s virtual events to connect with other educators

Project Facilitators for each iEARN Project are available to help you connect with other iEARN teachers participating in the project, as well as guide you in activities and project work your class can complete. You can find the Project Facilitator’s email contact information on the specific forum for the project you are interested in joining.

4. Implement Your Project

iEARN projects take shape through a combination of in-class class project work and online exchange activities. Classroom activities can include research, writing, class discussion, media creation, experiments, group work, or other activities that explore the topic.

Exchange activities include forum discussions, media sharing, video conferencing, and other activities where students communicate online with their partner classrooms. In-class and exchange activities build up to the creation of a final product, such as a joint student newsletter, website, video, or service activity.

5. Present Students’ Work

Students are more engaged, more excited to demonstrate learning, and more motivated to do their best work when they know they will be presenting it to others. The “Presenting Student Outcomes” Module in the iEARN Teacher’s Guide includes many ideas for sharing work.