Future Teachers Forum

Future Teachers: Knowing Our Students, Knowing Ourselves

This project seeks to transform our classrooms and schools by transforming the way teachers are trained. Future teachers gain direct experience with global learning networks as they engage in dialogue with their peers about teaching in the 21st century. The Future Teachers forum is a meeting place for university professors of education and the future teachers in their classes.

The Future Teachers Project was launched during the 1999 iEARN annual conference in Puerto Rico and has been developed collaboratively during subsequent iEARN conferences to offer future teachers direct experience with innovative technology use and global learning early in their careers.

Three kinds of discussions take place:

1. Future teachers from around the world compare perspectives on creating effective and equitable schools and classrooms that will better meet the needs of all students.

2. Future teachers share their reflections as they learn first-hand about iEARN’s projects as facilitators, observers, or participants.

3. Professors of teacher education exchange ideas and resources for project-based learning and integrating global learning networks into their courses in different content areas.

Possible activities include:

  • Teams of participating future teachers introduce themselves and their cultural backgrounds through the creation and exchange of “We Are From” poems
  • Future teachers read excerpts from the work of Paulo Freire or Celestin and Elise Freinet and respond to guiding questions
  • Future teachers exchange ideas about teaching philosophies and make recommendations for how teachers can promote collaborative and critical inquiry with their students.
  • Live “chats” or video conferences to discuss the topics selected
  • Exchange of ideas about integrating global learning networks and the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the curriculum
  • Sharing of experiences with project-based learning while observing, participating in or helping to facilitate iEARN’s projects
  • Discussion of ideas and strategies, and co-authorship of articles, to promote greater understanding of diversity and equity in the schools
  • Other topics of interest to the participating professors and future teachers.

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Ecosistemas Educativos en el Tiempo:

Espacios de Aprendizaje Ayer y Hoy

(Pre y Post Pandemia COVID)

Project Description:

A raíz de la pandemia del COVID nuestras aulas se han transformado. Este proyecto fomenta el análisis de estos cambios, mediante comparaciones sobre el aula y cualquier espacio de enseñanza-aprendizaje de ayer y de hoy en función del ambiente del mismo, su adecuación al entorno físico y los agentes que intervienen en éste. Se trata de una descripción de cada espacio donde se desarrollan las competencias intelectuales y socioculturales de una comunidad escolar. Está dirigido a futuros maestros y se ejecutará en tres fases consecutivas.

Dirigido a Futuros maestros con la idea de expandirlo en próximas sesiones al nivel escolar a partir del cuarto grado.




Post-Secondary: Future Teachers and Their Professors



Global Goals:

4: Quality Education


September 2023 – June 2024


Kristin Brown, Leida de la Rosa